MARY GRIMLEY, SONGWRITER, aka Cole & Garrett Songwriters
CHILLIN' WITH YOU sung by Kelsey
SILK PAJAMAS Sung by Gabrielle Gordon and StudioPros
THANKSGIVING IN THE RAIN sung by Gabrielle and StudioPros
HOW DO YOU DO THAT? ( I'M A CANADIAN ) Sung by Racquel
BLUE SHADES sung by Chris
GRIST FOR THE MILL Sung by Ken Post and Lori Dortono
Thanksgiving in the Rain Instrumental ( feat. Studio Pros)
Silk Pajamas Instrumental (feat. Studio Pros)
2015- Mary released 'Mama Got Her Party Hat On' to raise funds for Wounded Warriors.

2014- August 1. MARY GRIMLEY,SONGWRITER founded. Greg retired from Cole & Garrett Songwriters. Cole & Garrett Songwriters Album 3 released on iTunes, April 29.

2008 - 'This Road is Going Nowhere' made semifinals of the UK Songwriting Contest.

2007 - 'No Words Needed', feat Lori Dortono, made semifinals of the UK Songwriting Contest.

2006 - Mary and Greg named Runners-up for Canada in the Songwriter category of the International contest.
'Grist For The Mill', 'Love's Fools Must Dream Alone' and 'House of Cards', made semifinals of the UK Songwriting Contest.

2005 - 'When The Mood Swings Right' and ''Til I'm Safe Back Home In Your Arms', acquired by Inter Music Library, LA

2003 - 'The Beacon' produced.

2001 - First commercial CD featuring Emily Fennell.

1999 - COLE/GARRETT MUSIC founded.
Mama Got Her Party Hat On Released
My new country song, Mama Got Her Party Hat On, feat. Donnie, is now released on iTunes and Amazon and Spotify and other streaming media sources including here on Broadjam. I am trying to raise funds for Wounded Warriors in the US, Canada and the UK from the sales of this song. The YouTube lyric vid...more
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