MARY GRIMLEY, SONGWRITER, aka Cole & Garrett Songwriters
CHILLIN' WITH YOU sung by Kelsey
SILK PAJAMAS Sung by Gabrielle Gordon and StudioPros
THANKSGIVING IN THE RAIN sung by Gabrielle and StudioPros
HOW DO YOU DO THAT? ( I'M A CANADIAN ) Sung by Racquel
BLUE SHADES sung by Chris
GRIST FOR THE MILL Sung by Ken Post and Lori Dortono
Thanksgiving in the Rain Instrumental ( feat. Studio Pros)
Silk Pajamas Instrumental (feat. Studio Pros)
Ordinary Everyday Good News Instrumental (feat. Studio Pros)
2014- August 1. MARY GRIMLEY,SONGWRITER founded. Greg has retired from the partnership of Cole & Garrett Songwriters.

2014 - Cole & Garrett Songwriters Album 3 released on iTunes, April 29.

2008 - 'This Road is Going Nowhere' reached the semifinals of the UK Songwriting Contest.

2007 - 'No Words Needed',sung by Lori Dortono, reached the semifinals of the UK Songwriting Contest.

2006 - Mary and Greg named Runners-up for Canada in the Songwriter category of the International contest.

2006 - 'Grist For The Mill', 'Love's Fools Must Dream Alone' and 'House of Cards', reached the semifinals of the UK Songwriting Contest.

2005 - 'When The Mood Swings Right' and ''Til I'm Safe Back Home In Your Arms', were acquired by Inter Music Library, Los Angeles.

2003 - 'The Beacon' written and produced.

2001 - First commercial CD released featuring Emily Fennell.

1999 - COLE/GARRETT MUSIC founded.
New Song on the way!
I have just sent a new song, this time a Country song, to be recorded by Studio Pros. I am excited to hear what they do with the song. The song is entitled, Mama Got Her Party Hat On, and it is a tribute to military families. More of that story later. Taxi has forwarded the instrumental versions of ...more
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